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.Spare Leather Belt Loop. For belt sizes from 12 mm to 50 mm

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Spare leather belt loop keeper - approximately 10 mm wide and 3 mm thick - joined with a strong decorative staple.
It is important to note that the colours can vary slightly from the ones depicted in the picture
Because the keeper loops are made to cover a wide variety of thicknesses of belts they will fit snugly or loosely depending on the thickness of your belt. So on a thick bridle belt they will be snug, while on a thin belt the loop keepers will be loose.

Suitable for belts of following widths:
12.5mm  (½")
20mm (¾")
25mm  (1")
30mm  (1 3/16")
35mm  (1⅜")
38mm  (1½")
45mm  (1¾")
50mm  (2")
'Ordered some belt loops to replace the ones lost at airport security. The loops were a perfect fit and, compared to others on the market, well manufactured and exceptionally good value.Shipping was lightening fast, arriving the day after ordering. Very impressed.'
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